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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Pace's Ponderings - Fall

Woof Woof!
  Me again, Pace'! My master is in MN, visiting his grandson Matty.  You'll remember him from my last posting.  Well he is getting that 2nd cochlear implant this Thursday (9/20) and Don's there to cheer him on and lend some support to Jeff (Matty's dad).  We pray that all will go well - he's in the hands of one of the best surgeons doing this work (and it shows in his bedside manner, I'm told).

  But it's Fall in MN and Don has traveled up to Lake Superior's North Shore to take in the early fall colors.  They're not prime just yet but the North Shore is a great place to visit Spring, Summer or Fall (not Winter so much)!  Fall is a great time to visit most places, it seems.

  In MN, as in Colorado (where my home, the Old Town GuestHouse, is) it's 'Shoulder season', the time between peak Summer (or Tourist) season and the much slower Winter (aka Off) season.
  What's so good about Shoulder seasons, you ask?
     - The weather is still wonderful - often better than during the hot summer months (or the cold winter months if you're not a skier.)
     - No (few) families with children - they have returned to home and school.
     - Uncrowded attractions - most remain open limiting hours as summer staff dries up, but open at the best times of the day.
     - Room rates take the first dip - at least in the B&B/Small hotel area.  Occupancies are down and rooms need to be filled while the guests are still coming.  Look for specials, especially mid-week.
     - The locally grown seasonal produce is outstanding - everything is fresh from the farm.  Farmers markets are in full swing and the harvest is always bountiful.  In Colorado look for Peaches and Apples from Palisade, CO, Melons from Rocky Ford, and Hatch chilis fresh roasted while you wait.  At our Inn, and most other local B&Bs we buy local and use the freshest produce we can find - you can tell by the taste.

  OK, I'm starting to get hungry and they don't even feed me table scraps.  Come and visit, take me for a walk in the woods, bring a jacket but layer up because it can still be rather warm in the sunshine - and there's plenty of that.

Gotta go and 'water the plants' - wink, wink